Custom scale models:
ProTek Models produces high quality, custom scale models in all sizes and scales for displays, marketing, promotions, exhibits, and sales aids. Models can be fabricated with different levels of detail to meet any customer’s needs. Moving parts and lighting may also be added. ProTek Models fabricates custom models using a wide range of materials including: plastics, metals, woods, composites, rubber, and just about anything the specifications require. ProTek Models can fabricate custom scale models in any size and scale from small desktop sizes up to full scale. Some types of scale models we have produced include: satellite models, aircraft models, helicopter models, truck models, tank models, jet models, missile models, engine models, unmanned vehicle models, energy models, and bomb models.


Rapid prototyping (FDM):
ProTek Models can quickly produce rapid prototypes using Fused Deposition Molding. ProTek Models fabricates high quality prototypes for many different applications. Prototypes can be fabricated as static or with functional moving parts or animated features. Rapid prototypes may include different levels of detail to meet customers’ needs.


Model repair and refurbishment:
Whether your model was originally produced by ProTek Models or another model production company, ProTek Models offers a model repair and refurbishment service. Models are repaired and returned to like-new condition. We can also replace your damaged model with a brand new one.


Laser cutting and engraving:
ProTek Models can laser cut or engrave many materials in many different sizes. Custom plaques, awards, nameplates, and other personalized products can be made individually or to complement any model or prototype.


ProTek Models can cast basic to elaborate parts using plastics, rubbers, metals, and more.


Molds and Patterns:
ProTek Models fabricates patterns, fiberglass, and RTV molds for many different applications.


CNC machining and turning:
Custom parts can be machined from numerous materials including, plastic, metal, wood, and more. ProTek Models can produce as few or as many parts as the project requires.


On-site support:
Should any on-site need arise, a member of the ProTek Models staff can be sent to your location to support your needs.


Please contact ProTek Models at (909) 477-6866 with any questions regarding our products and services or to discuss your project needs. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you and discuss how we may be of service.